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    After two days of rain, the weather turned fine and the sun was shining. Put on the shoes downstairs, black cloth shoes, white socks, black and white in the golden sun. Coupled with the black pants swaying in the breeze Newport Short, it is more interesting, and there is a bit of agility in the air, and there is a bit of a vagueness. In recent years, I especially like to wear cloth shoes, which feels unprecedented comfort. Warm spring, put on cloth shoes, light footsteps like spring wind and silk rain, do not practice grass, feet down silent; hot summer, put on shoes to go out, cool and cool, start from the soles of the feet to refresh, absorb the coolness of the earth Let’s go to the sky; sorrow the autumn wind, put on the cloth shoes, step on the fallen leaves, step on the hay, the heart is very incomparable; cold and cold winter snow, with cloth shoes, around the stove, cook a pot of tea, read a book, overlooking the cold window Snow. The shoes should be the kind of the bottom of the layer, walking silently, through the soles of the soles of the feet can still feel the ups and downs of the ground, you can still feel the richness of the thick soil. The foot and the ground are not isolated, and the faintness and the thickness are faintly felt. People are to be in contact with the land Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price. Only when they are in contact with the land and the earth can they experience the glory of being born and being covered. Touching the earth, feeling this natural connection, realizes that the valuable people of life who come into contact with the land, like the plants rooted in the soil, feel more practical, and can better understand the standing between the heavens and the earth. To cultivate awe-inspiring temperament, to practice noble morality, one must connect with the earth, and only the grounding gas can pass the fate. As a modern person who breaks away from agricultural production, it is impossible to have two feet of yellow mud all day. It is advisable to wear more cloth shoes, more indirect contact, less isolation from thick soil, less sitting on the car, and more steps. The preference for cloth shoes, related to age and cultivation Buy Marlboro Cigarettes, is something that has only happened in recent years. Four or five years ago, at the school, the students gave me a pair of shoes, which was very happy. Although I liked it, I rarely wear it. Only when you are indoors, you don��t wear your feet. I don��t feel the soil, I am not afraid of jokes, but I am too busy. Fast-paced life, busy, tired work, like leather shoes, high-heeled shoes, looks bright and beautiful, walking and landing sound, creaking, the pain of the feet, the inner pain only knows. After a few years of rest for a few years, I began to take off my shoes and change into shoes. I slowly got out of the pain, quietly no longer anxious, more and more mature, more and more simple. Stepping on the age of small steps, slowly stepping into the 30, suddenly used to, like a heavy, not flashy life, gradually away from those floating light hunting, do not drink, do not smoke, eat on time, regular work, away from those embarrassing The more people there are, the more they feel emptiness and loneliness. Consciously, not showing off some books to read. When I was young, my mother often made shoes on her own. At the beginning of the memory, the mother manually handed the bottom of the thousand layers. The rags and rags are reluctant to be lost and accumulated. When you get a certain amount, take it out and clean it. Cut them into the shape of the sole with scissors and then connect them with a layer of crochet. Laminated layers of cloth, dense stitches, lines, thousands of lines, tens of thousands of needles, thread needles are from the mother’s hand. The sole is such a needle. The bottom layer is made of coarse cloth, one is non-slip, the other is thick and wear-resistant; the upper surface should be fine and soft, and the feet are comfortable to wear Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. After the layer of the bottom is finished, it is necessary to trim the edges, cut off the burrs of the burrs, and wrap the edges with a cloth. Use a soft, wearable, and good-looking fabric on the upper to cut out the pattern and then roll it. Sometimes embroidered flowers or patterns on the upper or heel. Finally, put the upper on the sole and connect it with a crochet. When finished, turn the upper over. The soles were very hard, and it hurts a lot. Later, slowly began to use plastic soles, and then the mother no longer has time to make shoes… Mother made shoes, I have seen it, I don��t remember if I passed it. After growing up, I started to go to school, started wearing green rubber shoes, dreaming of a stiletto shoe worn by a classmate… I didn��t get the sneakers, and I started to have the first-name sneakers, from the upper primary school to the junior high school. These are all kinds of shoes. The first-brand white sneakers have blue and red sides, preferring the blue side. Every weekend, the shoes should be washed dry and dry. When drying, in order to prevent sunburn, roast the sun, often put a layer of toilet paper on the shoes. In order to prevent the shoe from deforming, it is often stuffed with some filler in the shoe. At that time, white sneakers and red scarves were always the cleanest. In addition to washing once a week, white sneakers had to be wiped many times a day, and no stains were allowed. The red scarf is washed several times a week, and it is also ironed with hot water. The red scarf is white for less than half a year, but it is flat like a tie. High school in the city, secretly bought leather shoes, pretending to be an adult. Suit shoes, high school students were mistaken for the teacher when they were high school, seeing me rush to say hello, salute. The university is a reaction to high school. It no longer likes to wear suits, shoes, and sneakers. But it is not the first step. Start wearing hiking shoes or outdoor shoes, start wearing denim clothes, keep long hair, and sometimes even long. Long beards no longer deliberately wear anything after work, but white shirts, suits, and leather shoes are basically standard, and sometimes tie. A disease, leisure for more than two years, began to take off the shoes, put away the suit tie, leisurely scattered. The cloth shoes began to return to the feet. If it is not because of illness, it may be a few years later than the shoes. I was sick for two years, suddenly awakened and matured a lot. I dare not say that the lead is washed out, but at least it is more mature and more practical. This kind of maturity and practicality may exceed the current age and sometimes I think of a gown. Step on the soft cloth shoes, the moderate and calm. I don��t like the Chinese costumes in the Tang Dynasty. I think that the sages are too high and too far away Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons. I just want to wear a long gown, trace back to the late Qing and the Republic of China, and inherit the broken line. The cloth shoes are realized, and the past is the future. Long gowns, simple and slim, rules and spirits, plus sharp eyes, elegant words, faintly exudes talented gowns like gentlemen, and different, simple but not flashy, simple and introverted, strict, elegant, majestic Arrogant. Standing in the walk, highlighting the gentleness, restraint and subtleness of men. The gown is an identity and a dignity of the intellectuals of the Republic of China. As Zhang Xiaoyong said: “The gown has become a unique landscape. It carries the meaning of the literati’s history and culture, and condenses the life and destiny of the literati on this piece of cloth.” The gown is a symbol, a symbol. It is the inheritance and accumulation of culture. The long-sleeved shirt is just an external representation. It needs to be supported by internal education and noble cultivation. It is a return to luck, and it is a return from the shoes to the shoes, to the shoes, to the hiking shoes, to the shoes. It is a reincarnation and a growth. I am leaving my hometown and drifting away from home. I just want to get back to my hometown; I am a thousand mountains and mountains, and I am far away from the sea, just to meet myself; to follow the example of the sages and to appreciate the elders, just to be good. Cloth shoes, gowns, not for emulation, just yourself.

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