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    Nano XL Energy Formula Always remember that when doing exercises in which you make an effort to bend your arms, you train your biceps. And this is not only flexing the arms with a barbell or with dumbbells, but also all sorts of traction for the back muscles, pull-ups on the crossbar (in all their diversity). When doing exercises in which you make an effort to straighten your arms, you train and triceps. These are various presses of lying and standing, pushups from the floor and on the uneven bars, special exercises for triceps. When doing exercises in which you hold the shells with your hands (and this is almost all fitness exercises), you train your forearm muscles. Why remember this? The fact is that the muscles of the arms are small muscles that are easy to overstrain. Most of the athletes I know with whom I train shoulder to shoulder in the fitness club are in a state of overtraining. This also applies to their hands. These athletes pay too much attention to hand training, believing that the more biceps they do with huge weight, the faster their hands will become similar to those of Arnold Schwarzenegger. They torture themselves with such specialized training sessions for months, but their results are more than modest. So, the basic rules of pumping hands 1. I have never seen an athlete weighing 60-70 kg, whose arms would be more than 37 cm in girth. Yes, and those have a fairly small guys. Large and powerful arms are the property of sufficiently heavy athletes weighing 80 kg or more. Conclusion you want big hands – swing all the large muscles of the body (especially the legs) to increase your overall weight. 2. Muscles of hands are easy to overstrain. Therefore, if you do in your programs a large number (8-10 approaches and more) of bench presses, inclination, pull-ups, your hands receive a significant load. Train them in this way no more than once or twice a week. And do not overdo it with the weights of shells and the number of approaches (4-6 approaches for biceps are enough and the same for triceps). The ligaments on the arms are rather weak, and the damaged ligaments heal for a long time (up to six months). 3. The big hands have one who has serious results in basic strength exercises bench press, deadlight (yes, do not be surprised, because the bar must be held by hand), barbell pull or dumbbell tilting, pulling up on the bar, push-ups on the bars. Increase strength in basic exercises.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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