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    I first read “Dream of Red Mansions”, which was the summer of the 14th year. After finishing the exam, I didn’t want to prepare for the high school textbook. I stretched out from the old bookshelf and grabbed a thick “Dream of Red Mansions” Duty Free Newport. This book is already yellow, and the book page is also opened with glue. There are many new words in it. Phonetic. Its obsolescence makes me have a illusion about its origins, this is not ancestral! Glowing in the shining sun. The first time I got this quaint book, I had the possibility of an arty, and it was secretly hijacked within two weeks. Probably that is still young, I don��t know what aesthetics are. I jumped over when I went to sleep, watched the movie, and found that I was interested in the trivial things between Baoyu and Yu��er and the means of poisoning the blood of Fengjie. Some people say that reading “Red House” will be intoxicated. At that time, I really didn’t. Seeing that Suiyu is crying and crying, not only does it not understand, but it will also be disgusting. Although I love to cry, but the girl must be strong, it will make people love. I still know this. I exchange this idea with the adults. The adults know that I love to cry and pessimistic, and that is my opinion. He unanimously agreed that China’s modern and modern evaluation of “Dream of Red Mansions” has always been very high. After self-introduction to literature, he rereads “Red House” and has a new look. This time I have a strong love for the woman in the book. I don’t like Lin sister, nor Bao sister, but Jia Xunchun, this woman who married the royal family from the royal family. What I am amazed at is not the size of the family, the grand occasion of the party, but the chess and calligraphy that the girls have handed over. For Lin��s sister, if there is a change, it is its talent, and then it begins to contact the major Chinese classical works and foreign works. Because he was sick and sick from high school, he was once away from home, and he was once named as Lin��s sister. It is true that my talents are naturally not one of the ten thousand Marlboro Cigarettes Supply Store. It is with this nickname that I like to compare with Lin��s sister. Compared with the comparison, I found a few similarities. Who is really disgusted with himself? The jealousy, the heart, the vinegar is thick, and the tears wash the face, which has become synonymous with women in my eyes. Bao Yu’s love is Lin’s sister. It’s no wonder that after learning about the “West Chamber”, Cui Wei and Qin Luofu, more and more like the role of Lin sister. This is a pure woman. If women of that era can pursue themselves in a ��disobedience�� manner, the foundation of the feudal system will collapse. Compared with “Xianliang Shude, Xiangfu teaches children”, “Don’t go back, empty bed men alone” is not more ideal? In a feudal era, I could see a young man like Lin��s sister. Doesn��t it mean that there will be people like this in every era? The true and pure women will not die. The sister is probably the ��goddess�� in the eyes of all men Super Cheap Cigarette Free Shipping, but every When I argued, my love for Daiyu has never been shaken Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, and my admiration and sympathy for her has only increased. Sometimes she reminds me of Juliet. But Lin Daiyu is more brave. She is in an era of complete imprisonment, and she is also resisting with the weak two great powers. She is a person who is truly sympathetic. She couldn’t harvest the marriage with Baoyu. It didn’t matter if she didn’t move the mountains and reclamation. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t live longer Wholesale On Newports Cigarettes. She went to the vast era of the sky, and insisted on her own inevitable ending, Lin Yuyu’s bravery, and her own. Passionate, she is sensitive to the sunrise and sunset, the flower blossoms thank you, she always denies the world, and is always hurt. She did not compromise on her feet and made her unable to fly. This dilemma is not one of the most profound sadness in the world. When most women compromised to reality, Lin��s sister tried to resist without support. Therefore, I often think that if I was born in that era, in such a situation, I have the courage to pursue pure love and pure personality.

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