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    The balancing pass doesn’t have any major changes in store for Guardian Fighters, which can be good or bad depending on where you stand. DPS builds will remain endgame viable and still be able to one-shot bosses (now featuring even more Griffon’s Wrath charges in one rotation!). I’m actually a little surprised because the devs stated that Guardian Fighters are not supposed to hit like trucks. So I fully expected some type of adjustment there and still do, but it’ll probably happen in Mod 16 now. Maybe the devs also didn’t want to take away the damage roles of GFs without helping them on the tank front. Because OPs currently are largely those that offer more utility in the tank slot and the Heart of Fire changes do nothing to change that fact.

    As the devs have already announced, Undermountain will make some major changes to the game’s tanking and healing systems, and perhaps no class is going to be so affected by these changes as the Paladin, who is capable of filling either role. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Safe Neverwinter Zen, you could call us at our own webpage. Paladins, like Clerics, will now use the divinity resource to cast many of their encounter powers. Those encounter powers that rely on divinity will no longer have cooldowns, allowing them to be cast more often while requiring the Paladin to carefully manage his divinity pool, which should add an extra layer of flexibility and depth to the class’s gameplay.

    The central mechanic of the Oathbound Paladin is Divine Call, an ability that gathers energy passively and through certain Paladin actions. When used, it can taunt foes or offer big area healing. The more regular abilities for the class allow it to aura-buff the party, place damage shields on fellow party members, and absorb damage only to unleash it upon enemies shortly thereafter. Find out more about the class with the official preview.

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