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    you want to just buy the duelist bundle and have the tokens to get most of them in one go. As far as [url=http://www.rsorder.com][b]buy runescape 2007 gold[/b][/url] balance patches we get them every so often, with a massive all class rework coming soon ™ I cant really comment much on how it effects pvp. For arena your weakest classes right now are gunslinger, soul fighter, and warlock.

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    5 points submitted 16 days agoThe problem with this is that deck strength counts for so much in Magic, and you may have only one good deck that you play for a while but if you win a lot with that deck then you be unable to ever use any of your other decks without going on a huge losing streak that tanks your elo.
    You can also metagame it by deliberately tanking your elo so that you play against unskilled opponents with weak decks (lets you farm fast, or maybe you just like bullying people in video games). People do this all the time in games like League.Literally a 100% random bucket of everyone would be preferable in a casual cue to any kind of elo or MMR.purpenflurb 16 points submitted 21 days ago
    My friends who are higher rank than me tell me that I am good at last hitting. Most people in my mmr are terrible at it. Lol it helps a lot which is why I almost always win lane.I much prefer getting a legendary in hearthstone, because instead of getting the first of 4 things I might want to play a deck that uses that card effect, you make serious progress towards any deck where that legendary is a component.
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