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    In other words, I didn like the idea of the developers telling the players what the best way to play the game is. It such [url=http://www.rsorder.com][b]osrs gold[/b][/url] an open game, and some ways of playing are obviously dumber and less fun than others, so the scores seemed kind of unnecessary. Kind of like how crazy Dark Souls players will beat all the bosses without getting hit once, it just something they decide to do, not something the developers decided is the ultimate way to play.
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    Also a guy that I worked with once found someone passed out on the floor in a pool of blood. He hit some all thread on the top of his head and passed out. Lots of swelling and blood. Ala Moana is hugggeee as far as walking, so i suggest looking at the store map and find a general spot/wing to park. Check out the Shirokiya Village Walk. There’s a vendor that sells Hello Kitty doughnuts with different flavor fillings that your 3 year old may like.
    The actual worst though was when I worked at a call center, you could only ever use the same password again after 72 months of not using it. So I guess its kinda nice that you could cycle through again 6 years later, but tbh I only worked there for 25 months before quitting and I was the last trainee from my particular class of 38 people. So over 25 months I fucking toughed it out more then 37 over mofo and still was like 47 months from being able to repeat a password..
    In the meantime if something else comes along and there a role somewhere I feel will actually take my efforts seriously I would highly consider it. But I also feel uneasy about taking something off the reservation that is a big list of all of the security gaps in this environment. I know I keep it safe but it violates all of my principles to do it.
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