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    A Tale of French Oregonines from Domaine Drouhin

    If you are a wine connoisseur Cheap Reggie Nelson Jersey , you appreciate the similarities and differences between Old World and New World wines. Domaine Drouhin gives you the best of both.

    Putting Wine on the Map
    Wine may have originated in Black Sea Georgia over 8,000 years ago, but for the last few centuries France has been the epitome of “wine country.” Things change, of course. Today, the Pacific Northwest has shifted the center of gravity for the wine universe. Oregon wine and Washington wine are among the world’s finest.

    Is it any surprise that one of France’s most noted winemakers expanded to Oregon? Southwest of Portland Cheap Derek Carr Jersey , Oregon, in Dayton, Domaine Drouhin (DDO) provides a new world of tastes with Old World care and expertise.

    Starting in France
    Domaine Drouhin was created by Maison Joseph Drouhin, a French company producing wines in Burgundy, France. For the last 130 years Cheap Jared Cook Jersey , the Drouhin name has built a reputation for excellence, innovation and nurturing care for the plants, the soil and the environment. Today, Joseph Drouhin’s four grandchildren helm the enterprise. And it is granddaughter Vronique Boss-Drouhin who manages Domaine Drouhin Oregon. Vronique has been called the “guardian” of the Joseph Drouhin style style which “marries balance, harmony Cheap Hunter Renfrow Jersey , finesse and character.”

    The company describes the ages of their wines, “Young, they possess fruity and enticing aromas; with age, wines from great vineyardsappellations acquire a sumptuous complexity.”

    Maison Joseph Drouhin was one of the first winemakers in Burgundy to do away with pesticides and other chemicals (“culture raisonn茅e”), all part of their philosophy “to bring natural answers to natural problems.”

    From controlling genetic heritage of their vine stocks by growing them in their own nursery to the use of herb infusions and natural predators to maintain the health of their vines Cheap Foster Moreau Jersey , the Drouhin enterprise has long worked hard to produce the best wines, deliberately favoring lower yields to allow their grapes “to enhance the true type of each soil.”

    An Oregon Presence
    DDO was founded in 1988 when Robert Drouhin purchased the estate after having visited Oregon since the 1960’s. The vineyard resides in the Red Hills of Dundee in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

    Domaine Drouhin Oregon specializes in Pinot noirs (including their Laur猫ne cuv茅e which debuted in 1992, a stunning Oregon Pinot noir) and Chardonnays.

    Amongst their Pinot noir vines, severe pruning allows only 4 bottles of wine for every 5 vines. They have found this the optimum level of output, resulting in ” silky Cheap Isaiah Johnson Jersey , elegant, and age-worthy wines.” They sacrifice quantity in order to attain the peak of flavor potential.

    Their Chardonnay vines come from a choice selection of Dijon clones, originating in Burgundy. Their Chardonnay Arthur comes entirely from their estate.

    Tours can be arranged through their website at http:www.domainedrouhin. And be prepared for a pleasant surprise鈥攖hat of tasting wines from Oregon and Burgundy side-by-side.

    Edgar writes articles for NorthWest Wine

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