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Applicable industry: Used for the drilling processing of H-shape steel, box beam and channel steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garage and petrol platform. It is designed for medium size steel fabricators desiring to increase profitability and throughput (tons-per-month) in today’s extremely competitive market. Specifications: Work Piece SizeH-Beams Max. (Web Height×Flange Width) (mm)Max.1500x600 Min.150x75x5 Length (mm)Auto Feeding≥3000 Manual Feeding≥690 Max. Workpiece Weight (Kg)12000 Thickness Of Web & Flange (mm)80 Drilling Dia. (mm)Vertical DrillingΦ12~Φ33.5 Horizontal DrillingΦ12~Φ32mm Marking FunctionNo. Of Characters36 characters Characters SizeΦ10 mm Imprinting Depth0.8mm~ 1.5mm Drilling SpindlesNo. Of SpindleOne spindle on each of three sides (top, left, right) Total: 3 spindles Rotation Speed (Stepless Speed Adjustment) (Rpm)180~650 Spindle Motor Power (Kw)3 x 4 kW Max. Feeding Stroke (mm)(Left & right):140 (Vertical): 325 Feeding Speed(mm/Min)20~300 Movement Of Left/Right Spindle (mm)In the direction of workpiece length:520 Above vertical base-level:30~470 Movement Of Top Spindle (mm)In the direction of workpiece length:520 Beyond horizontal base-level: 45~1310 Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)4950x3050x3520 Drilling Head Cooling WayCompressed air + atomized drilling fluid Air Pressure (MPa)0.6 X Axis Servo Motor Power4.4kW Oil Pump Motor Power2.2kW Oil Pump Pressure3.5-4MPa Processing PrecisionAllowance of neighbor holes distance < ±0.5mm In length of 10m, allowance of any holes distance < ±1mm Total power (KW)34 Machine weight (Kg)Appr.8000Multi Spindle Cnc Drilling Machine manufacturer website:http://www.cz-tower.com/machinery/cnc-drilling-machine/
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Company profile : Peng Feng plastic products CO.,LTD, specializes in corrugated plastic products,including various sheets and boxes, with more than 10 years corrugated plastic sheets manufacturing and processing experience & cutting edge techniques in Dong Guan city, Guang Dong Province, China. As the stable and reliable packaging material supplier for the renowned clients such as DHL,Siemens,BYD,Canon,IKEA etc. The products manufactured by environmentally friendly plastic materials. The reusable material consist of the features such as anti-vibration,anti-corrosive,waterproof ,UV resistant etc. A potential substitute for traditional paper packaging industry, has been wildly applied in electron industry &construction outdoor signs and roofing ;the floor protective layer &agriculture industry & automotive industry. Associated certificate: SGS Certificate.PDFCustom Coroplast Suppliers China website:http://www.corrugatedsheet-cn.com/
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Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans: Game time Youth Kyle Rudolph Jersey , television coverage, radio and more In less than 24 hours, we will be watching the final preseason contest of 2018, featuring the Minnesota Vikings hitting the road and heading to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans. None of the starters are going to see any significant time in this one, but it should still be interesting for folks like us that are still watching to see how come of the battles at the bottom of the depth chart and the 53-man roster come out.So, how can you keep track of all the action from Nashville on Thursday night?Television InfoThis game is not going to be shown live on the NFL Network, which is bad news for those of us that live significantly out of the markets that the game will be shown on. The action is set to kick off at 7:00 PM Central on Thursday night, and you’re in luck if you’re in one of the following markets, because they will be showing this one live.KMSP (FOX/9 - Minneapolis, MN)WDIO (ABC/10-13 - Duluth, MN)KTTC (CW/10.2 - Rochester, MN)KEYC (FOX/12.2 - Mankato, MN)KVRR (FOX/15 - Fargo, ND)KNDX (FOX/26 - Bismarck, ND)KXND (FOX/24 - Minot, ND)KSFY (CW/13.2 - Sioux Falls, SD)KGAN (CBS/2 - Cedar Rapids, IA)KCCI (CBS/8 - Des Moines Womens Tom Compton Jersey , IA)KPTH (FOX/44 - Sioux City, IA)KGCW (CW/23 - Quad Cities, IA)WKBT (CBS/8 - La Crosse, WI)KETV (ABC/7 - Omaha, NE)If you live in one of the following markets, you’ll also be getting the broadcast live, but you’ll be getting it with the Titans announce team.WKRN (ABC/2 - Nashville, TN)WLMT (CW/30 - Memphis, TN)WATE (ABC/6 - Knoxville, TN)WRCB (NBC/3 - Chattanooga, TN)WJKT (FOX/16 - Jackson, TN)WJHL (ABC/11.2 - Tri-Cities, TN)WZDX (FOX/54 - Huntsville, AL)WNKY (MeTV/40.3 - Bowling Green, KY)WEHT (ABC/25 - Evansville, IN)KHON (CW/2.2 - Honolulu, HI)Radio InfoWhether you’re listening on the Vikings Radio Network or watching on television, you’ll be listening to the play-by-play for this one courtesy of the dulcet tones of Paul Allen and Pete Bercich Womens Trae Waynes Jersey , as the Vikings are going with a simulcast once again this preseason. You can click on the link above for a full listing of Vikings Radio Network affiliates throughout the midwest.If you have satellite radio. . .well, you won’t be able to listen to the Vikings feed, as neither side of the house has it. You can, however, get the Titans radio feed on either Sirius Channel 121 or XM Channel 228. If you’re using the SiriusXM Online App, you can get the Vikings feed there on Channel 819.Referee InfoAccording to Football Zebras, the officiating crew for this final preseason contest will be headed up by Walt Coleman.Weather InfoHey, the weather might actually have an impact on this game! According to the folks from WeatherNation, the Nashville area is going to be under the threat of thunderstorms for most of the day, but they’re currently forecasting at least a partial clearing just in time for kickoff. If the forecast holds, you can expect temperatures in the upper 70s and some light winds out of the east. Streaming InfoThere are a couple of different options for streaming the game online via subscription, notably NFL Game Pass and Fubo.tv. It’s “free trial” season for Game Pass, so do with that information what you will.As far as other streams are concerned, do NOT. . .and I mean not in any way, shape, or form. . .promote illegal streaming sites on The Daily Norseman. Not in the comments, not in the FanPosts, not in the FanShots Youth Adam Thielen Jersey , not in the Game Thread, not anywhere. Don’t even hint at them. Trust me on this. If you’re that determined to watch the game via an illegal stream, do a Google search and find it on your own. And feel free to not blame us for any ill effects your computer or device might suffer as a result.That should be all of the information you need to follow along with all of the action as the Vikings do battle with the Titans on Thursday night. We’ll have our Game Thread up about an hour before kickoff, as is tradition. Hope to see you here! Yesterday, the Minnesota Vikings waived rookie running back Roc Thomas in order to make room for Ameer Abdullah on the 53-man roster. Apparently, Thomas didn’t have to spend a lot of time clearing out his locker.After going unclaimed on waivers, the Vikings have announced that they have signed Thomas to the practice squad. To make room for him there, they waived guard Landon Turner, who was just signed last week.The Vikings didn’t have a running back on the practice squad prior to today, as they had kept both Thomas and Mike Boone on the 53-man roster since the final cutdowns were made back in early September. They do now, with the re-addition of Thomas.Even though he had suffered a hamstring injury in Week 8 that had kept him out for Week 9, the Vikings did not waive Thomas with any sort of injury designation. If they had, Thomas would have gone to the injured reserve list. With this course of events, however, Thomas will be available to be brought up to the active roster, which could prove helpful if Dalvin Cook continues to deal with injury issues.The Vikings now have three offensive linemen on their practice squad as well following Turner’s release. They are tackles Adam Bisnowaty and Storm Norton, and interior lineman Cornelius Edison.
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NFL Week 5 Early Games Open Thread We’re almost ready to kick off Week 5 in the National Football League http://www.thevikingsfootballauthentic.com/andrew-sendejo-jersey-authentic , ladies and gentlemen. As we know, the Minnesota Vikings won’t kick off their game until the later portion of Sunday afternoon’s slate, which means that we’ll have plenty of time to take in a lot of NFL action leading up to kickoff.As you’ve probably guessed, I’m going to be tuning into the Red Zone Channel to track all of the action for the early slate. If you don’t have the Red Zone Channel, check out the broadcast maps from 506 Sports to see which games are being shown in your area.The NFC North action is going to be limited today, as the Chicago Bears are on their bye week, and the other two NFC North teams will be fighting each other, as the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions will be doing battle at Ford Field.The biggest game of the early slate comes to us from the AFC side, as the Jacksonville Jaguars take their outstanding defense to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Kansas City Chiefs Youth Mike Hughes Jersey , the AFC’s last undefeated squad.Here is the full list of early Week 5 action.CBS gamesTennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills - Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta - DirecTV Ch 705Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals - Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon - DirecTV Ch 706Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns - Andrew Catalon, James Lofton - DirecTV Ch 707Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs - Jim Nantz, Tony Romo - DirecTV Ch 708Denver Broncos at New York Jets - Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts - DirecTV Ch 709FOX gamesNew York Giants at Carolina Panthers - Kenny Albert, Charles Davis - DirecTV 710Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions - Thom Brennaman, Chris Spielman - DirecTV Ch 711Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers - Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston - DirecTV Ch 712Enjoy the early NFL action Womens Danielle Hunter Jersey , ladies and gentlemen, and we’ll have the Open Thread for the first quarter of our game up and ready to go at approximately 2:30 PM Central time.Dalvin Cook, Trae Waynes miss Wednesday practice On Wednesday, the Minnesota Vikings resumed practicing in preparation for their game on Sunday in Philadelphia. A couple of pretty significant players found themselves on the sideline during Wednesday’s festivities.Running back Dalvin Cook and running back Trae Waynes sat out of Wednesday’s practice. Cook is still nursing the hamstring injury that he suffered in Week 2 and left him on a “pitch count” against the Rams last Thursday, while Waynes is apparently dealing with the effects of a concussion suffered during that loss in Los Angeles.Waynes will have to pass the concussion protocol in order to get back onto the field by Sunday, but it still remains to be seen whether or not Cook will be able to take the field against what is, right now, the best run defense in the NFL. The Vikings’ rush offense is currently the NFL’s worst, so any spark that Cook could potentially provide would be welcomed.Several Vikings were limited participants in Wednesday’s practice Womens Dalvin Cook Jersey , including defensive tackle Linval Joseph (shoulder), defensive end Tashawn Bower (ankle), and punt returner Marcus Sherels (ribs). Sherels has missed the last two games for the Vikings, with rookie Mike Hughes handling punt returns in his absence.We will be keeping an eye on all of the Vikings’ injuries, especially those to Waynes and Cook, leading up to the final injury reports being released on Friday. However, it hasn’t gotten off to a good start for either of those two players this week.
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Thursday Open Thread: August 30th Cheap Linval Joseph Jersey , 2018 Good Morning!Hope you’re having a great week and looking forward to the onset of the regular season. I know I am because I can watch all the regular season games (thank you Sunday Ticket) but in the meantime we have a preseason game tonight with the Vikings v the Titans. I’ll probably follow online as the replay isn’t scheduled until Sunday, September 2nd at 0400, (got the DVR setup just in case yo). Yeah I know it’s preseason and the final preseason game at that, good luck to the roster bubble guys as they battle for their future in football. In the meantime, while we’re waiting impatiently for the regular season we’ll continue with our daily thread full of beer recommendations, nap strategies, crock pot and smoker recipes. Have another cup of coffee and drop by for some fan wisdom and snark. Regarding the rules; follow them, I had to issue final warnings yesterday to three Open Thread regulars, I didn’t like doing that, but we are an all inclusive Open Thread, even if your favorite team is not the Vikings or you are new, and as for politics?Check that shit at the door. With that Cheap Laquon Treadwell Jersey , let’s do this.Around the DN since our last thread:In the news you don’t want to hear, Ted tell us WR Cayleb Jones arrested was arrested onmultiple charges, darn it.SB Nation has football therapy for your favorite football teams with numbers guy Bill Connelly, whose formula highlighted where squads can improve, and what they need to work on in their weekly sessions.Got a question for Ted and Di at Roughing The Podcast? Ask, what are you waiting for?Dan reads up on our division opponents so you don’t have to! Note to Dan, please never use the Packers picture again, thanks, all of us.Finally, Norse Code Podcast Episode 241: The Saltiest Kicker.Vikings news from other sources:From Vikings.com and their lunchbreak series: Vikings predicted as the NFC North Champions.Final Thoughts: Coaches emphasize importance of preseason game number four for the Vikings.DE Stephen Weatherly is bringing a new attitude to the Vikings defensive line.Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo addressed the media from the TCO Performance Center on Monday.League news: From NFL.com A-A-ron agrees to 4-year, $134M extension, should have gotten more in my opinion.The Jets traded former Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater to New Orleans Saints http://www.vikingscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-danielle-hunter-jersey , yeah this is up top so I won’t put my personal feelings about the Saints up here, look in the comments instead.The Green Bay Packers traded QB Brett Hundley to Seahawks.We come to today’s media selection: Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy TrainAgain, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new:-No discussion of politics or religion-No feeding of the trolls-This isn’t a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the door-Keep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)-Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or movie, please use spoiler tags-No pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employer-If you can’t disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away-While navigating the open thread, just assume it’s sarcasmWith that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up and tie one on. Don’t forget to tip your waitress, try the venison chili and as always http://www.vikingscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-tom-compton-jersey , Welcome Aboard and Skol Vikings! Since the Minnesota Vikings made him their top draft pick last year, Dalvin Cook has played in only seven of a possible 24 regular-season games.That means the early lessons have been just as much about handling injuries and making the most of the inaction as they've been about picking up the playbook and adjusting to NFL speed."I've just been gaining knowledge from my teammates, all the older guys," Cook said. "The guys in my room have just been pushing me through it. I've been learning through this whole process, and I'm just trying to become a better player and better person."That's what I've been getting from the whole experience, and it's nothing negative. Yeah, I've been injured and banged up, but I'm just learning through the whole experience. Once I get back, it's going to be on."That's the kind of attitude that pushed him through the grueling rehab after a torn ACL in his left knee, suffered in the fourth game of his rookie season against Detroit. He stayed ahead of schedule and was ready in time for the opener this year, contributing 95 total yards in his first performance under new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, who eagerly sought to maximize the versatile and elusive Cook's impact as a ball carrier and a pass-catcher as soon as he was hired last winter.This fall has http://www.thevikingsfootballauthentic.com/rashod-hill-jersey-authentic , by some measures, been more frustrating because of the seemingly minor hamstring injury Cook experienced on a hot afternoon in Green Bay on Sept. 16. He was ruled out of the following game, listed as questionable to play at Los Angeles on Sept. 27 and lined up at tailback in a limited role that night. Cook was deemed questionable again to play at Philadelphia on Oct. 7 and against Arizona on Oct. 14, but he ultimately watched both of those games from the sideline, too.Then the Vikings decided enough was enough and kept him off the practice field for two full weeks. After sitting out against New Orleans, his fifth absence in the last six games, Cook returned to practice as a limited participant on Wednesday. He said he never had a setback. The injury simply didn't fully subside."With these things, if you kind of keep stepping on them and keep doing what you're doing, they're just going to keep lingering along," Cook said. "You've got to kind of shut the body down. That's why I'm so confident in our medical staff, because they've got the right plan set up for me. We've been going by what my body has for me daily. My body's been reacting to it good, so it was very important."Cook was listed as questionable for the game against Detroit on Sunday when this week's injury report was announced after practice on Friday. With the bye week coming next Womens Laquon Treadwell Jersey , the Vikings could always play it safe and give him even more time to heal. Coach Mike Zimmer downplayed the significance of the bye in the decision."If guys can play, they play," Zimmer said. "That's just how we do it around here."No matter how many times Cook has tested the hamstring, there's no telling whether it's back to normal until that first carry."You can practice. You can run around. You can run straight. You can do all that," Cook said. "But it's about going out there and the person chasing you and you turning your body and you twisting your body and having the twitch to do it. That's when hamstrings occur."Other players listed as questionable for Sunday were wide receiver Stefon Diggs (rib), left tackle Riley Reiff (foot), cornerback Xavier Rhodes (foot) and strong safety Andrew Sendejo (groin). Linebacker Anthony Barr (hamstring), left guard Tom Compton (knee) and backup running back Roc Thomas (hamstring) were ruled out.
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Second Half Game Threat: Saints 16 Falcons 14 The Saints offense starts off the Game against Atlanta Strong. Driving right down the field to go up by seven. And they defense starts out strong with a three and out on the first Atlanta series.After a bad past from Drew behind Alvin Kamara Cheap Austin Carr Jersey , the Saints go three and out. The Julio Jones picks up the Falcons 1st first down on the next series. Rookie Calvin Ridley gets the next first down on 3rd and seven. Defense breaks from here on out and the Birds tie it up.Saints turn the ball over on downs. Marcus Davenport comes up with a sack on Ryan forcing a punt. Kamara has a decent return. A holding penalty on Benjamin Watson and a dropped pass by Ted Ginn Jr. stalls the next drive, setting up the go ahead fieldgoal.Defense holds and forces another Falcon punt. Brees takes the all-time completions record on the next drive. A personal foul, late hit Cheap Sheldon Rankins Jersey , on Drew extends this drive. Watson makes a diving catch making it first and goal. A hold backs them up ten yards. Then a false start backs them up another 5. Fourth and four, the Saints settle for a fieldgoal.Falcons come back with a long ball to Ridley and they go up by one. P.J. Williams doesn’t appear to be the answer. Once again burned for the TD. A false start and another drop from Ginn and the Saints punt. Defense holds and Drew gets the ball back with 40 seconds and one timeout left before the half. A first down from Kamara and a catch by Watson sets the Saints up for the go ahead fieldgoal. The Saints kickoff to start the second half. The Saints had an amazing bye week with Carolina, Tampa Cheap Alvin Kamara Jersey , and Chicago all losing! The Arizona Cardinals reportedly are serious about trading Patrick Peterson; could he win the Saints a Super Bowl? New show segment: “You Ain’t the Real MVP” featuring Jared Goff. With the NFL setting scoring records, how good of a defense do Saints need to win a title?Become a Patron and get access to more shows for as little as $1 dollar a month and help us raise enough money to do daily podcast.Our show is sponsored by JLD Hot Sauce and Knives. Use code SAINTS and get 10% off.Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, tweet them @PodcastSaints Terron Armstead Jersey , like their Facebook page,or email them at saintshappyhour@gmail.com.Drunk Saints History Archive!Our NEW Patreon page is live: https://www.patreon.com/SaintsHappyHourPodbean will remain active and ALL new Patron content will be loaded to the Podbean Patron page as well as the new Patreon page. You don’t have to switch but if you want to, the option is there. If you want to have access to Patron only content and not use Podbean consider supporting us through Patreon. WARNING: podcast contains explicit language Custom Cleveland Browns Jerseys
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Saints Bring in Floyd http://www.saintsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-ryan-ramczyk-jersey , Tate and Barclay on Training Camp off day In what was supposed to be a day of rest and break for the Saints, the front office has made multiple signings to fill out the team’s 90 man (91 for New Orleans, with Alex Jenkins’ exception) roster.The signings started by the team bringing in former Cardinals Alex Anzalone Jersey , Patriots and Vikings WR Michael Floyd. Floyd was drafted in the 1st round by the Arizona Cardinals, and he fell into some trouble with the law that led to a 4 game suspension from the Vikings in 2017.Between 2013-2016 Floyd reeled in at least 5 touchdowns each season and was also a member of the Patriots’ Super Bowl squad in 2016.His time in Minnesota was abit underwhelming, bringing in only 78 yards on 10 receptions and no touchdowns. At only 28 years old there still might be enough talent there for the Saints to use him should he earn a spot on the roster. This signing coincides with WR Travin Dural being put on injured reserve.Even though you’ll see WR listed next to Brandon Tate’s name its been his play as a punt and kick returner that has kept him in the league going on his 10th season. Tate has amassed 3 TDs and almost 7 Authentic Josh LeRibeus Jersey ,000 return yards in his time with the Patriots, Bengals and Bills as a return man with his best seasons coming in 2010 and 2011. His most recent stint with Buffalo saw him have 1,210 kick return yards and 494 punt return yards over the course of 28 games.Finally Youth Austin Carr Jersey , the Saints signed Don Barclay who most recently was with the Detroit Lions and started his career in Green Bay.The 29 year old has 25 career starts in 65 games with most of those coming at right tackle. Barclay was the primary right tackle for the Packers 2013 campaign.While with Detroit Barclay saw duties at right guard as well. With the departure of Senio Kelemete there are still depth questions along the offensive line for New Orleans. Jermon Bushrod was brought in to help fill the gap, but he is now entering his 12th season.The corresponding moves to bring in Barclay and Tate have yet to be announced. We’ll update with that information when it becomes available. 8/1/18 Update: The Saints have waived WRs Josh Smith and Eldridge Massington. Well that escalated quickly!Two days ago we were discussing how the emergence of rookie Tre’Quan Smith could affect the role of Ted Ginn Jr. moving forward, and now the former Ohio State Buckeye is the latest Saints skill position player to land on IR.Can Smith fill the role vacated by Ginn or does he have other attributes the Saints should feature?What about Sunday’s match-up vs the Ravens?Deuce and Ellias preview the game and give their insights into how the Saints can come away with a victory as well as diving into this weeks mailbag with the return of the phone lines.There are multiple ways to catch your favorite Saints podcast! You can watch it on YouTube (to see the live comments from Who Dat Nation) or download it on iTunes/Google Play/Spreaker. As always Ken Crawley Jersey , thanks for listening.Want to help keep the podcast on the air and film studies coming out? Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor. Whatever amount you wish to donate per month (1 dollar? 5?) helps us tremendously! Custom Buffalo Bills Jerseys
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