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For the past two quarters, Tim Hortons missed buy credits swtor earnings projections.. But yeah, I could see him doing Roger's voice, definitely.. Then it's, 'Okay, will you do anal? Will you do gangbangs?' Then they're used up. Gardasil, which also prevents genital warts, is recommended for males aged 11 through 21 as well.The vaccine is "terrifically important," Mortimer said, because it has the potential to eradicate cervical cancer, if not cancers of the anus and certain cancers of the head and neck, which are also caused by HPV.The researchers gathered their information from the health records of nearly 1,400 girls aged 11 through 12 enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente health plan. The banks were innovative, hiring superbright math students and setting them to create derivatives, derivatives squared, and, ultimately, derivatives cubed. Sasaki he did was in the devoted service of awakening enlightenment in his students. Have to tell you a funny one I read on one of the boards. But on this Friday morning he is checking in to get his team's read on the day's news, put out any immediate fires and prepare for what might come his way at the midday media scrum.. Employee harvests fresh oysters at dawn on the Nisbet family tidelands in Willapa Bay. So your side of the story can win. The big broadcasters argue the cable giants make huge profits from subscribers without sharing the wealth with the networks that provide their signals. Sergeant Patrick Stokes stood near Father Duffy and played "Taps" before the last lines of each verse. The payoff of the MAD doctrine is expected to be a tense but stable global peace.. The federal government has plans in the works to collect and report the information but does not now require homes to show it.. (Well, actually, there is one a couple of hours from here, but that's a different story, and perhaps another entry someday). Of the 345 patients with insulin pumps, 38 stopped using them at some point during the study: six in the first year, seven in the second year, 10 in the third year and the remainder after three years. From what people here say, I gather that there is very little hope that he can still be alive; but whether it is accident or design that carried him off I cannot judge. I paid the difference with my Visa card. I get mad every time I think about it.". Josh Bender() 05:13, August 6, 2012 (UTC). After tapping the word, baboons touched either an oval to indicate that it was a real word or a plus sign to signal a nonsense word.. Chickenpox is fatal in about 15 percent of people with an impaired immune system, many of whom can't tolerate vaccines.. My grandmother did not know what to do. Her wit is more savage than the ironies of Munro or Margaret Atwood because it is the reverse side of a tremendous vulnerability.. In addition to the rallies, thousands of people have signed online petitions supporting him. The planetary choices were , , or . TUESDAY, Feb. (And we won go into the old Freudian canard of horse as boyfriend substitute in pubescent girl fantasy) I suppose we need more foolishness in HYD because there are few external obstacles (at least yet in the plot), like deranged supervillains or assassins to be in the way of destined luuurrrve. Guys! Hurry To Buy Swtor Credits with 8% OFF code "PTG8" at Swtor2Credits Pre-Thanksgiving Great Deal from Nov 7 to Nov 14, 2018. Get Extra 5% Free Bonus for Cheap Swtor Credits at:
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Japanese manga cartoon series Naruto, actresses Lindsay Lohan and [url=][b]2007 rs gold[/b][/url] Angelina Jolie, and reality TV talent show American Idol.Among special categories, the only non presidential or vice presidential candidate to make the top 10 politicians was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, at No. 9.The top 10 political searches were Obama, Sarah Palin, A professional Game website is Recommended to you, Rsorder is a Trusted Runescape gold Site 2018 to Buy All RS products with 24/7 online. It owns 10 years of experience in the gaming market and Millons of players from Europe, Asia, South America and so on.Now The new version of Mobile is live, you can buy All RS products with mobile conveniently and quickly! 5% more gold code:RSYK5 for all rs products & 10% Off code:OSRSA10 for all osrs accounts anytime! Another vote against PE. It's designed to be a money sink. I managed to get a gun and some ammo only to discover that after spending a clip shooting monsters, I hadn't gotten enough loot to pay for the clip. A Licensed Bail Agent must be familiar with local court systems and their offices can often be found near civic centers or court houses. When processing a bond the bail agent will require a co signer or a signature from the actual defendant in order to document the liable party prior to the defendant's release. A bail bonds agent is called into service when a criminal defendant needs to get out of jail.. The main difference between weapons is two handed vs dual wielding (unless you want to use a shield for whatever circumstantial reason). Den interaktive spil, RuneScape, er populrt blandt det yngre publikum, fordi det er en interaktiv myspace hjemmeside. Du opretter en karakter, hr, tj, personlighed og meget mere. Du kan chatte med dine venner eller nogen anden i hele verden. Note: Weapon switching is not always instant. Level 50 two handed sword vs Level 50 two handed spear). Also, I think the GPU is fine. It's the memory that causes trouble (NVidia has no control over what memory the sub vendor put into the card). Go with a good brandname and you should be fine (I heard PNY Ti 4200 is pretty bad). Let take Dukes of Hazzards. You know how many cars was Trash for stupid kids acting out a jump on the Show or Movie. We have people beleave what they see so they react doing it. fantastical" ideas and concepts have, indeed, seen the light of the day in the form of creative inventions and path breaking discoveries that have paved the way for lofty advancements in the field of science and technology. There is no accounting for how many ingenious scientists and inventors have drawn inspirations for their inventions and discoveries from the so called bizarre ideas of sci fi literature. [b]Have fun in OSRS Mobile!Now RSorder Supply Up to 60% off 4000M RS3 Gold&800M 07 RS Gold for that launch at 3:00 a.m. GMT Nov.9!More:[url=][b][/b][/url] [img][/img] [b]Part II:Up to 8% off rs gold&Other products with Code CNS8 for you Until Nov.9![/b] Long-Term Discount Code&Activity:7% off code SYTHE to buy 07 RS Gold Anytime&Win Free OSRS Gold &RS3 Gold from RSorder Mimic Show Via Twitter Every Monday at 3:00 am GMT in November!
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Ravens training camp highlights & lowlights: 7/26/18

Another exciting day of practice as the Baltimore Ravens worked in front of the big set of bleachers Baltimore Ravens Hats , allowing fans to experience football in the front row. Fans certainly saw their fair share of touchdowns, too, with multiple deep shots landing in the arms of the receivers.Note: Today the Ravens did not wear padsPlayer of the day: John BrownYou can always feel the tension of a big play in progress. The quarterback going through his progressions, until finding the big route down the sideline and launching the football into the sky. Fans begin oohing as they see the battle between cornerback and receiver, hoping the catch is made. Today, John Brown caught that football, 50-yards deep and into the endzone for the touchdown. Joe Flacco’s deep ball is ready for action, even against sophomore cornerback Marlon Humphrey.DefenseSpeaking of Marlon, unfortunately Baltimore Ravens Hoodie , today he had a rough practice. Tim White, John Brown and Jordan Lasley all managed to beat him for touchdowns.Patrick Onwuasor intercepted a ball against the starters and had a lane to the endzone with maybe two men left to beat. While defensive coordinator Don Martindale mentioned Kenny Young jockeying for the starting role, I believe Patrick’s consistently ahead of the linebackers trying to steal the position beside C.J. Mosley.Tavon Young produced another strong practice, this time bullying Jaelon Acklin on a short throw in one-on-one drills. Fans were calling for a flag, but there certainly was not enough contact to draw one. Young is going to produce strong results in the slot this season.OffenseThe offense produced multiple big plays, including Hayden Hurst hauling in an 18-yard catch, one which we’ve all seen many times in the form of Dennis Pitta. It’s good seeing the first-round pick back on the field after missing a couple practices.Breshad Perriman continues to deliver. He produced a 15-yard catch against the starting defense, then hauled in another later on. I’m excited to see him play next week.It wasn’t all pretty by the receivers today though, as Jaleel Scott dropped two passes during drills without coverage. He later couldn’t complete a catch which was behind him. He managed to get one hand on the ball Customized Baltimore Ravens Jerseys , but couldn’t rope it in. I have not seen anything of note after his redzone touchdown earlier last week. He may be fighting for a roster spot more than some believe.Ravens vs. Colts final: MVP, Stock-up & Stock-down The clocks strike triple-zero and the Ravens are 3-0 in the preseason. An up-and-down game for the team leaves the coaches with plenty of film to judge their players with.MVP: Joe FlaccoHe showed up, he threw darts and he threw a touchdown. The Ravens’ franchise quarterback looked great against this Colts defense and left the field with a great stat-line.Stock-upJohn Brown — He’s been a camp superstar. Time and time again I’ve posted how he’s making plays. Finally, on the national stage, Brown comes up big with a toe-tapping touchdown.Michael Crabtree — Found the soft-spot in zone coverage and caught a 29-yard pass.Kenneth Dixon — After missing the first two games of the preseason, the running back produced strong runs and moved the chains. He finished with 32 rushing yards on six carries and added another 24 yards from three catches.Hayden Hurst — A strong catch with a defender draped on him and he carried the defender another six yards. He’ll look even better with Joe Flacco as his quarterback.Chris Moore — Twice he was targeted, both times in the end-zone. He came away with one of them as Lamar Jackson fit the ball between the defenders.Tim Williams — This is the second-straight preseason game where the sophomore linebacker sacked the quarterback. He also pressured Brissett on many more plays and added three more tackles.Kia Nacua — A forced fumble from the safety keeps him on the coaches radar.Michael Pierce — He stripped the ball from the tailback on the goal-line. If not for an unlucky bounce, this may become another red-zone turnover.Anthony Levine Sr. — Just intercepting a starting quarterback is big, but to do it in the red-zone is special. He’s known for his special teams contributions but he’s much more than that.Kaare Vedvik — The undrafted free agent hit a 48-yard field goal and completed all four PATs. He also had a 39-yard punt which landed inside the 20-yard line. He did have a punt blocked Authentic Maurice Canady Jersey , but it certainly wasn’t his fault.Terrell Suggs — Sacked Andrew Luck on third down. Nothing new here, but I’m not going to pass over Sizzle on this list.Za’Darius Smith — A third-down sack on Andrew Luck. Every edge rusher is in on the sack-stravaganza.Anthony Averett — Great string of plays with the Colts in the red-zone. Tackled a ball-carrier in the flat, broke up a pass and capped it off with perfect coverage against a tight end on the outside.Stanley Jean-Baptiste — An up-and-down game, but his game ended with five tackles and an interception. One of the tackles occurred while he was being blocked in the back and he also stone-walled a receiver with a press technique early in the game. As I said, overall, he ends in the black.Stock-downJordan Lasley — May have the ugliest drop of the preseason. After a great move to get open he dropped a touchdown pass from RGIII.Janarion Grant — Fumbled as a returner and didn’t produce anything noteworthy on offense.Tim White — Fumbled as a returner and didn’t produce at all on offense.James Hurst — Blown up on a stunt from John Simon and fell into Joe Flacco for a sack.Darious Williams — Allowed some bigger catches, including the game-tying touchdown and had a penalty in the end-zone.Alex Lewis — Pre-snap penalty and ugly run-blocking leave the guard on the stock-down list. Not a good sign with two of the five starters landing on the negative list.
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Carolina Panthers: Efe Obada and the American dream

Efe Obada was recently highlighted here at CSR so this is as good of a time as any to give some props to the NFL for its International Pathway Program. The IPP launched in 2017 and gave each of the teams in the NFC South an additional spot on the practice squad for a foreign born player. The goals of the program include expanding the NFL’s global reach while developing players from outside of the United States to help them live the American dream. Call me a sucker if you want Cheap Shaq Thompson Jersey , but I love underdog stories. Movies like The Rookie, Invincible, and Million Dollar Arm are right in my wheelhouse. So yes, I’m rooting for Nigerian-born, London-raised Efe Obada to fulfill his NFL dream. Obada was born in Nigeria then trafficked from the Netherlands to England where he was left abandoned and homeless at age 10. His rise from homelessness to warehouse worker to the London Warriors to the Dallas Cowboys (and now the Panthers) is incredible. I’d encourage you to read Obada’s entire story here at While Obada becoming a successful NFL player is improbable, it’s not impossible. Just look at the Detroit Lions’ Ezekiel (Ziggy) Ansah. As a BYU fan I had the joy of watching Ansah develop from playing “American football” for the first time in 2010 into a first round pick in 2013. Ansah’s story in a nutshell is he was born in Ghana, arrived at BYU in 2008 as a former soccer player with basketball aspirations, but he got cut from the basketball team in both 2008 and 2009. He walked on the track team in 2009 then finally listened to friends and coaches who told him to try out for the football team. When he first showed up on the football field he didn’t know where the end zone was. He didn’t know how to put on pads. He didn’t know how to get in a defensive stance or how to tackle. Three years later Ansah was the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft, recorded 8.0 sacks in his rookie season, and was selected to the 2013 All-Rookie Team. In 2015 his 14.5 sacks where third in the NFL and made him a Pro Bowl selection. He went from clueless to dominant in five short years. Some foreign-born aspiring football players just need a chance. They need coaching, equipment, and infrastructure. Football lacks the access of soccer and basketball where kids can just gather and play with minimal cost and virtually zero adult oversight. Competitive football players can’t develop that way. They need an organized support staff assisting them almost every step of the way. Obada told the NFL UK his life “is a dream” and “feels like a movie.”Call me a sucker, but I hope this is a movie with a happy ending.What’s next for the Panthers after Ross Cockrell’s season ending injury? Welp. That happened.The Panthers signed Ross Cockrell to a two year deal following the debacle with free agent Bashaud Breeland , after Breeland failed his physical due to a laceration suffered in his foot during the offseason. Cockrell was brought in effectively as a plan B. Cockrell’s always been a zone heavy corner, and in the Panthers zone heavy scheme he looked like a perfect fit, even garnering praise every day from defensive coordinator Eric Washington in regards to the “hustle” he wants to see from his corners.Well, that all came to a screeching halt after Cockrell collided with Torrey Smith, shattering both the bones in his lower leg. Now, the plan for him is to go to IR after his surgery is complete, most likely shelving him until next season. Cockrell was easily in the running to be the Panthers second corner opposite James Bradberry. So now the question arises, where do they go from here?Current rosterSo Cockrell was competing with incumbent Kevon Seymour, who managed to take snaps from the departed and since arrested Daryl Worley. Of all the CBs on the roster, Seymour has the most experience at outside corner (unless you want to include Captain Munnerlyn’s time there back during the McDermott days of 2013). Seymour likely has the inside track here, however the team expressed interest in using corners based on the gameplan and matchups, which we saw last year as Seymour and Worley traded snaps outside. 2nd round pick Donte Jackson figures to factor in here as well, bringing top level speed and a certain scrappy play style that Seymour simply doesn’t have. So these two should be fighting for time all season.In addition , Cockrell’s injury helps open the door for others to make the roster when it may have been tough for them before. We have yet to see what 2017 late round pick Corn Elder brings to the table as he works his way back from injury, while Cole Luke filled in nicely during the 2017 preseason and did enough for the Panthers to bring him back for a second look. Another person to watch here is Lorenzo Doss, who has been making plays since the rookie minicamp. There are definitely some guys to watch here, but the biggest issue is finding a guy to use in zone heavy gameplans like they planned with Cockrell.Potential answers off the roster?While it seems the bridge would be burned with Breeland after the Panthers rescinded their offer, he is still a free agent. He got a visit with the Chiefs, but didn’t like the offer they gave him. This is certainly an outside shot, but crazier things have happened. There’s also guys still floating around in free agency, such as Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Delvin Breaux.It is tough to say whether the Panthers would make a play on a free agent or make a trade, but they clearly expected to have a proven veteran to pair with Bradberry. The injury bug bit this team early, but not all is lost. They’ve got some time to figure things out here.What are your thoughts? Do you think the current roster is sufficient? Who would you bring in if you were Marty Hurney?
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NFL Week 3 experts winners picks for Raiders at Dolphins

Everywhere around the internet Miami Dolphins T-Shirt , you can find straight-up winners picks for all of the NFL games. We will have our own set from a group of the contributors here on The Phinsider later today or tomorrow morning. Today I decided I wanted to take a tour around the internet and see if people are starting to give the Miami Dolphins any respect. So, for the first time this year, I bring you the Expert Miami Dolphins Picks for Week 3.Here is a run through of the expert picks for the Dolphins as they host the Oakland Raiders. I am a little uneasy with these selections, because it is so heavily in the Dolphins’ favor. It just feels like the picks have the team set up to be a trap game.SB Nation FanPulseRaiders fans: Raiders by 4Dolphins fans: Dolphins by 9Dolphins fans: Sign up for FanPulse, our weekly Dolphins survey]SB NationRaiders: None.Dolphins: Ryan Van Bibber, Stephen White, Geoff Schwartz, Charles McDonald, Adam Stites, Christian D’AndreaESPNRaiders: Matt BowenDolphins: Mike Clay, Mike Golic, Dan Graziano, Mina Kimes, Molly Qerim, Louis Reddick Miami Dolphins Hats , Kevin Seifert, Seth Wickersham, Trey - Elliot HarrisonRaiders 20Dolphins 26CBS Sports - Pete PriscoRaiders 16Dolphins 23Sports IllustratedRaiders: none.Dolphins: Andrew Brandt, Albert Breer, Mitch Goldich, Jonathan Jones, Bette Marston, Mark Mravic, Jenny VrentasOddsShark - Computer predictionRaiders 20.6Dolphins 21.3Walter FootballRaiders 17Dolphins 24 Around 10,000 spectators remained at the finish of the Miami Dolphins' marathon win over Tennessee, and they were hardly fair weather fans.Lightning forced two delays of about two hours each Sunday, and it took Miami more than seven hours to complete a 27-20 victory."Appreciate all you Dolphins fans sticking it out tonight," quarterback Ryan Tannehill shouted to a camera as he headed for the locker room. "Win No. 1, baby."That it was. Here are things to know about a season opener that was memorable for the Dolphins and costly for the Titans:HEAVY TOLL: The Titans lost starting quarterback Marcus Mariota, tackle Taylor Lewan Miami Dolphins Hoodie , tight end Delanie Walker and cornerback Adoree Jackson to injuries, which made it an especially tough debut for rookie coach Mike Vrabel.Mariota hurt his throwing elbow in the third quarter, left the game for one play, returned to throw two interceptions and departed for good."I couldn't feel my fingers, feel my hand," Mariota said. "It was one of those things — couldn't grip the ball."Blaine Gabbert replaced Mariota."It's just go time," Gabbert said. "That's the backup quarterback's job description: to be ready at a moment's notice, to go in and help your team win the game."Gabbert didn't do that, going 11 for 22 for 117 yards and an interception that sealed the win for Miami. He'll have more notice if he's in the lineup for Sunday's home opener against Houston.Lewan left the game with a concussion. Walker was carted off the field later in the period with a right leg injury. Jackson hurt his shoulder on a 26-yard punt return.FRACAS: Lewan appeared to be briefly knocked out when flattened on Andre Branch's blindside block during an interception return by Reshad Jones. Lewan sprawled face down on the turf, then suddenly sprang to his feet, and players exchanged words and shoves.Jordan Phillips and Bobby McCain of Miami and Dion Lewis of Tennessee received offsetting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for taunting,"There were a lot of words being said," McCain said, "and I don't think you can write them down."COMEBACK: Tannehill hopes to perform better Sunday at the New York Jets. Coming back from knee surgery, he played for the first time in 21 months with mixed results.Tannehill threw two interceptions Cheap Customized Miami Dolphins Jerseys , and the Dolphins twice came up empty on possessions inside the Tennessee 20."I wasn't as sharp as I like to be," he said.Even so, Tannehill went 20 for 28 for 230 yards and threw two touchdown passes to Kenny Stills.BIG PLAYS: The Dolphins flashed their speed in the fourth quarter. Jakeem Grant scored on a 102-yard kickoff return, Stills caught a 75-yard touchdown pass and Jones returned his second interception of the game 54 yards."You have three or four guys who are burners," Tannehill said. "It's a lot of fun to play with them."ANTHEM: Colin Kaepernick, a leader of the protest movement by NFL players against social injustice, tweeted his support after Dolphins receivers Stills and Albert Wilson knelt during the national anthem."I know he has our back," Stills said. "Really, there has been a huge difference between when we first started protesting and now. A lot of people are reaching out and supporting us, so I really appreciate that. To everybody out there, thank you for reaching out, thank you for the positivity. Let's keep doing our best to make positive change and have these conversations and make our country a better place."
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Daily Slop: Doctson gives Redskins an injury scare Wednesday;

D-Hall Officially Announces Retirement Chase Roullier is getting up to speed with Redskins — as starting center and with his new QB - The Washington PostThe second-year center and new Redskins quarterback Alex Smith have “little brainstorming sessions” as both learn the offense.Redskins Youth Chase Roullier Jersey , Preston Smith have not started contract talks | NBC Sports WashingtonPreston Smith is a good performer at a premium position for the Redskins but neither side has made a move to tie Smith to Washington beyond this year.Need to Know: Is Rob Kelley a lock to make the Redskins' 53-man roster? | NBC Sports WashingtonNeed to Know: There is a lot of competition at running back but has Rob Kelley already secured a roster spot?Josh Doctson gives Redskins an injury scare during Wednesday’s practice - The Washington PostThe extent of the injury is unknown after Washington's third-year wide receiver collided with cornerback Josh Norman, but early indications are he'll be okay.Former Redskins safety DeAngelo Hall swears — literally — that he is now retired - The Washington PostHe also offers high praise of Washington cornerback Quinton Dunbar.Here's what happened on the play that hurt Josh Doctson, per Josh Norman | NBC Sports WashingtonJosh Norman discusses the red zone drill that ended up with Josh Doctson falling down hard on his shoulder.Zach Brown to NFL: Lowering-the-head rule is 'ridiculous' | 106.7 The FanBrown blasts the NFL for trying to crack down on something that happens on "100 percent of the tackles."Redskins RB Chris Thompson still on the road to recovery from broken leg | NBC Sports WashingtonChris Thompson looked great running the ball on Tuesday, but that's in part because of a "hands-off" order for the defense.Chase Roullier Devotes Training Camp Practices To Being VersatileWith the offensive line sustaining a number of injuries in 2017, the 6-foot-4 center has bought into the fact that he might have to play in multiple spots if necessary.PHOTOS: 2018 Washington Redskins Training Camp Day 6, PracticeThe Washington Redskins conducted their sixth day of training camp practice Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va.Practice Notes: 2018 #SkinsCamp, Day's Jake Kring-Schreifels and Grant Cohen break down the key plays and highlights from Day 6 of the Washington Redskins' 2018 training camp in Richmond, Va.DeAngelo Hall Officially Announces His Retirement, Reflects On Football CareerThe longtime Redskins defensive back took the podium Wednesday at training camp to officially announce that his playing days had finished after 14 years of football.Chris Thompson Is Being Cautious As He Works Back Into The OffenseThe third-down running back is ramping up his recovery process nine months after breaking his leg. It's not fully healed, but he's hoping to still make an impact as training camp progresses.Redskins at the Bye - Studs and Duds The bye week gives Redskins fans little to talk about, as the team can’t even hold practices during the off-week. The bye comes a bit early this year, but make no mistake about it, the Redskins needed the week off to get healthy and focused on a remaining schedule that is anything but a cake-walk. This is not your normal weekly Studs and Duds, but instead, a compilation from the first three games. Studs:Adrian Peterson - The 33 year old back has found new life in DC Youth Josh Doctson Jersey , carrying the ball 56 times, for 236 yards and three touchdowns over three games. He is averaging 4.2 yards per carry, and has even contributed in the passing game, collecting 5 receptions for 100 yards. Jordan Reed - Reed, who entered the season healthy, has caught 14 passes for 168 yards and a touchdown, but we knew a healthy Reed was capable of those numbers. What has stood out is his improved blocking in the run game. Chase Roullier - Over the first three games, Roullier has been our most consistent offensive linemen (yes, even better on a whole than Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff - taking all aspects of O-line play into account). The amazing part is that he kicked over to left guard last game, and didn’t miss a beat. He has looked excellent when asked to pull, both at the point of attack and in space. The second year interior lineman will need to stay consistent as the season progresses, but overall, he’s off to a great start. Jonathan Allen - Through three games, Allen has posted 10 tackles and two sacks. He’s been a menace to opposing quarterbacks producing multiple hurries and quarterback hits. DaRon Payne - The rookie has been just as disruptive as his Alabama teammate, collecting 10 tackles of his own and adding a sack. His presence and relentless motor have been felt all game by opposing offenses. Matt Ioannidis - Although Ioannidis has not played as many snaps as his two counterparts, his presence has been felt none-the-less. He leads the team in sacks with three, and also has a fumble recovery. He looks completely un-blockable at times. D.J. Swearinger - Swearinger has not been perfect in coverage, but he has recorded a team leading two interceptions Youth Quinton Dunbar Jersey , and is tied for the team lead with four passes defended. He has 11 solo tackles and is the vocal leader of the secondary, and an enforcer on the back end of a solid defense. Duds:Josh Doctson - Many thought the third-year pro would be in store for a breakout season, but that is off to an incredibly slow start. Through three games, he’s been targeted just 13 times, and has hauled in a meager five catches for 48 yards. As usual, he’s had trouble securing the football whether open or covered, and can’t seem to shake tight coverage to get himself open. If there is any silver lining to his start, it’s that all five of his receptions went for first downs. Ryan Kerrigan - It’s hard to believe Kerrigan is on this list, but he’s been a complete non-factor through the first three game, collecting just two tackles...that is it! Josh Norman - Norman has collected 15 tackles and a fumble recovery on the young season, but he’s yet to record a pass defended, and he’s been burnt in coverage WAY too often for a guy considered to be the team’s best defensive back. Zach Brown - Brown has not looked the same as he did last year, where he was playing sideline-to-sideline, and collecting tackles all over the field. Maybe it’s just a slow start for the veteran linebacker who missed most of the team’s OTA,and was not on the field for many preseason snaps. Let us know if you agree or disagree, and who else you may like to add, in the comments section.
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