What do I have to do before I can play your games?
Absolutely nothing! You can play our games right now on their own sites. However, registering an Ice on Mars account is required to get the right experience from this network.
What kind of benefit will I have registering an account?
Playing our games with an account brings in all the community factor. You can keep track of your progress, save your high scores and compare to others. Where allowed you can build new game content, share, vote and comment other’s work. You gain access to the Ice on Mars community: you can post to our forum, follow people so you never miss new content and send messages to others.
How can I register a new account?
Go here, enter all the required information and click “Complete Sign Up”. You will receive confirm of your new account registration at the mail you have used for your subscription (check also your spam or junk folder). Then read the mail and confirm. Now you can login with your data and enjoy all the benefit of your new Ice on Mars account.
I have not received any confirmation mail.
Be sure you have used your current e-mail address in the registration form. Don’t forget to check also your spam or junk folder.
Can I change my password?
Yes. There is an option to change your password in your profile. If you are logged out and forgot your password, you can require a new one here.
I have not received any change password mail.
Be sure you have inserted the mail you used to register your account. Don’t forget to check also your spam or junk folder.
Is this all free?
Yes! The games on this network will always be free to play. Nevertheless, some games could have additional in-game content or services that will be acquired through payment.