Privacy Policy

Personal Information and Data Collection Scope

Ice on Mars (“IoM”) will upon your participation and registration of services offered try to collect the barest minimum of your personal information required. Online games of IoM can only be used by registration with below information and we may use this information for the purpose of providing you with technical support, customer service, account maintenance. – Required Provisions: Account, password, password check, name, e-mail, password question & answer, birthdate
We may also collect your personal information other than the required provisions above mentioned, including address, mobile phone number, age, gender, preferences, interests and favorites(“Optional Provisions”), and we use these information to provide better services and for the purpose which is noticed in advance when such information is collected.

Personal Information Collection Agreement

IoM includes in its privacy policy and user agreement an “Agree” button and a “Disagree” button that can be clicked. If the “Agree” button is clicked, it will be deemed that the user has agreed to this personal information collection agreement.

Personal Information Collection by Cookie

IoM stores the personal information of users to provide an individualized and customized service and uses a ‘Cookie’ to allow periodic searches of user information. A ‘Cookie’ is a bit of information that a Web site sends to your web browser such as Netscape, Explorer, etc.

When the user accesses the website operated by IoM (the “Website”), the server reads the cookie contents in the user’s browser. Then, it searches the user’s additional information in the user’s computer and can provide services without the user having to input a name for access.

The user has the right to refuse or accept the cookie through adjustment of browser options. When the user receives all cookies by adjusting the web browser’s options, or when the cookie is installed, the user can allow the cookie to send notice or can have the right to refuse all cookies. If the user refuses to have the cookie installed, he/she will not be able to use the services needed to login

A cookie does not identify each user but identifies the user’s computer

Utilization and Provision of Personal Information to the 3rd Party Partner

We may provide your personal information to the relevant third party without your consent or any notice to you

User’s Rights and Responsibilities

The user must ensure that the personal information he/she has provided to us is accurate and up to date in order to prevent problems. If it is found that the user’s personal information is defective or inaccurate in any way, the user shall assume the responsibility of all loss and damages caused by that defectiveness or inaccuracy. If it is found that the personal information listed by any user is false, the user’s account may be seized temporarily or permanently.

The user has the right to have his/her information be protected, however, at the same time he/she has the obligations to protect his/her own information and not to violate others’ personal information. Be careful with your personal information as well as your password and try not to violate others’ rights to privacy including messages privately sent. If you fail to uphold this obligation to protect your own and other’s personal information and dignity, you may be punished through internal or legal means.